Were you like me?

Have you ever tried searching for resources to help you, as a substitute, be successful and confident tin the classroom?

Have you searched through all those resources, but found that nothing was helpful?

Did you also realize that most districts do not offer substitute training classes when you sign up to be a sub?

Meet Ashley

Meet Ashley
I am the owner and founder of the Successful Substitute Training Course where we help substitute teachers learn how to create student expectations, manage a classroom, and dominate their teacher presence.
Before this course, I taught middle school for four years, and before that I was a substitute teacher for 2 years.
I struggled as a substitute teacher. I scoured the internet for hours looking for any resources I could find that would help me gain student respect, learn how to hold students accountable, and basically just survive.
Once teaching, I had a mentor that helped me make student expectations, hold discipline, gain student respect, and have rockin' classroom management. I wanted to share that learning with other struggling substitute teachers, so they could be confident and successful in their classrooms.

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I will teach you...

  • Module 1

    You will learn tips on what you need in order to start your day off right. I know this sounds easy enough, but many substitute teachers forget some vital key tasks before students enter into the classroom. I will teach you when to arrive at the school and what you need to do far before students arrive. Starting your day off right will help classroom management.

  • Module 2

    Module 2 is all about classroom management, student expectations, and teacher voice! I will teach you how to make strong student expectations, deal with disrespectful students, have classroom management, and sustain that environment all day long.

  • Module 3

    In module 3 you will learn how to close and end the class. I will teach you some classroom routines for ending the day, so you maintain student attention and maximize your time and classroom management. I will also give you some tips as to what teachers are expecting when they return to the classroom.


As a Bonus...

  • LIFETIME access

  • Workbooks to help you plan and stay organized.

Heres what one Student says about the Course!


A lot of Great Tips!


I took Ashley's substitute course and found lots of tips and tricks to serving as a successful substitute. I wod recommend it to anyone who has not had classroom experience before and is looking to feel more prepared before their first class.

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Look at what this Student said!


Being a Sub is not easy, but this Course gives Great Tools!


I was a school secretary for 5 years & worked in the local district in different positions for 15 years. This course gives a lot of good information and tips. Being a substitute is not always easy this course will give you a good set of tools to use on this adventure! Bonita Ohio

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